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Chung Tai holds up a flower,
and the whole world smiles.
中台拈花 眾生微笑

~ 覺大和尚法語
Having good thoughts is heaven.
When the mind is lucid and pure,
this is the Pure Land.
~ Grand Master Ven. Wei Chueh

Welcome to Buddha Mind Monastery

Thousands of years ago, the Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. He realized that all sentient beings possess inherent Buddha nature with the potential to achieve ultimate freedom, eternal peace and perfect enlightenment.  But they do not realize it becasue of their delusions and cravings.

Cha'n, widely known as Zen in the West, is directly seeing one's true mind, which is the mind of the Buddha. At Buddha Mind Monastery, one learns Buddha's teachings and meditation methods to experience Cha'n (Zen).

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