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Once a while, students from university came to Buddha Mind for learning service. Buddha Mind provides sitting meditation practice, working meditation and delicious vegetarian lunch. Guess what did they think of Buddhism and what did they learn from different culture and religion?


  • What did you hope to learn by coming here today?

I hoped to have a better understanding of the lives of the Zen nuns. (Remy Luong)

How to meditate and how the process of meditation is done. (Hajir Harmin)


  • What did you enjoy most about your visit to the monastery today? Can you name one thing you learned today that you did not already know?

I enjoyed putting gravel down on the walkway. Manual labor is more enjoyable with other people. (Remy Luong)

The work and how it tied along with “the way” and your beliefs. (Hajir Harmin)


  • Did you find the meditation helpful to your state of mind?

Yes, it helped me to be able to clear my mind of all thoughts. (Hajir Harmin)

  • What is your interest in world religions?

I am interested in the stories and folk tales in different religions and cultures. (Remy Luong)

Being able to expand my mind on all the basics and educate myself on different religions. (Hajir Harmin)


  • Did you like the food today? Have you ever considered or would you ever consider a vegetarian lifestyle?

I loved the food. As a Buddhist, I eat vegetarian at least 2 or 3 times per month. (Remy Luong)

I thought the food was great. I grew up around vegetarian food all my life so it was nothing new. (Hajir Harmin)



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