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2015 Buddha Mind Veggie Festival

Photos of Veggie Festival



Vegetarianism in the Modern World
Beverly McDaniel / Sutra Study Class

Buddhist Style Guacamole
Chef: Gordon Jones
Why I Am a Vegetarian
Corby Poursaba / Level II Meditation Class
Smoked Almond and Chick Pea Salad Sammies
Chef: Diane Hurd
My Veggie Story
Deborah Kay / Leverl II Meditation Class
Sushi Recipe
Chef: Yu-Hua Fan

Happy Vegetarian Family
Janelle Nightingale / Sutra Study Class

Mapo Tofu/szechuan tofu

Chef: Yuan-Chung Chen (Owner of Szechuan Bistro)

Healthy Diet, Healthy Mind
Chuan Ying / Sutra Study Class



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